There many Japanese beauty bloggers and vloggers creating waves on the global market today and winning over international audiences.  Japanese beauty experts tend to use their fingers rather than blenders and brushes to apply make-up, but this doesn’t mean you can’t use your preferred tools and still follow their advice. This guide is for you if you’re keen to replicate the soft looks of models appearing in Asian fashion magazines.  Here are five of the most talked about Japanese beauty bloggers around.


Mikipon was once a magazine model before launching her YouTube career and is renowned for her charisma and energy. Even if you do struggle to understand some of the content, there’s every chance you will find her videos hugely entertaining. Whilst she mainly focusses on Japanese cosmetics products, she also uploads informative tutorials.

  1. SAAYA

Saaya has a love for all things pink and feminine, and her tutorials are designed to help you emulate her distinctive look with ease. She also offers in-depth advice on hairstyling, with her younger brother regularly making amusing cameo appearances in her videos.


The work of Mirai Mizoguchi may be more serious and mature in tone, but this doesn’t mean her uploads are dull in comparison to others’ work. She is an expert on looking great with glasses and also provides in-depth advice on applying make-up to monolids.


Mimi TV is a vlog featuring a range of models displaying their most useful and interesting make-up tips, which makes the channel ideal for those seeking a wide array of instructions on looking good and feeling equally fantastic. The channel is designed to educate you about a host of different styles, providing valuable ideas for applying make-up in various different circumstances.



Mizuki Mishikawa is a make-up expert also known for her hairstyle and lifestyle uploads. She has made many appearances in the Japan magazine Ray. Videos on creating the ultimate selfie, arranging long hair, organic skincare, ponytails and braiding hair are just a handful of the informative and entertaining uploads she has made available.